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Now it comes up at the top of the search results!

We often hear such a voice, but the meanings of this "Top" is important.
Are those results depending on the "keywords" of your intended purposes, or it showed up by your "company name"?
That is probably success if you wanted it to be shows up by your "company name", but it's just for people who know about your company name.

The most important thing on launching website is "purpose"

When you publish your website on internet, that's mean you are actually advertising your contents to the people over the world as well.
Although that advertising effect is immeasurable, if you make a wrong way it could be not worth it.
Previously, Internet market was fine with only personal computer and cell phones. But nowadays, you can easily access Internet sources from various devices such as smartphone and tablet.
We live in a world of convenience, but that make it difficult to targeting as well.
You should therefore have purpose clearly.

If you distribute out your leaflets all over the world...

Thinking so, the cost to make your own homepage feels like very cheap.
However, you won't get any effects by just simply launching website. It's only your self-satisfaction. Also waisting your money and time.
What essential are the elaborate marketing strategy and the definite vision of how to take advantage of it. It's also the key to success to manage the domain and its position in the total business plans properly.

Production's "consistency" is very important

In our company, we don't just make it and deliver your request. We usually suggest you several plans connecting with various type of media such as Facebook, Twitter and etc. on your website.
In addition, our strength is the "consistency" of these media production. Sharing waste-free production flow makes it enable the harmonious strategy of more cooperation.