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Visual Produce

A world of image is continuing to spread.

With the progressive of video content sharing site "Youtube" and live video distribution site "Ustream", companies that distribute company information on video are increasing, and the needs for video production and video distribution are increasing more and more.

The transmission of corporate information by "video" in the business scene is now considered as one of the main axes of promotion.
Recently, since it is easy to shoot at home, such as wedding images and recorded events of children, information dissemination through video has become an almost common era.

Produce video according to time and cost.

We emphasize free thought, create concrete image through planning / script production from the client 's request, expressing beauty and warmth, creating a powerful image to shake the senses.

Broad support for web to VJ.

As well as TVCM, the production range of VJ at the event, promotion video, VP (video package) production, LED vision video tailored to each manufacturer, Flash movie by website, etc. are supported regardless of the application.