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Space Design

Clarify the completed image.

Before and After.
Perspective drawing reduces costs.

In store design, proposing method depends on "New construction" and "Renovation work".

In the new construction...

Based on the structure chart and the calculation sheet, we make image design with 3DCG Perth etc., and reproduce the actual store based on the image which can sometimes walkthrough.
Also, put the actual photographs in the background, and create a composition closer to the image.

In the renovation work...

Contents are various, such as extension, disassembly, change of design, but designing based on the current photo and processing will create a closer image.

Consistency is necessary in construction site as well.

It's important for shop construction to have consistency from meeting, construction, opening and attracting customers.

  • ・What are you going to do in the situation when the construction budget is decided.
  • ・Want to change all but the budget is decided.
  • ・What can we do within this budget.
  • ・Even when asking for an estimate, not sure how to proceed this.
  • ・I want to plan confidentially, so I can't ask for estimate on a large scale.
  • ・Want to get the huge impact when the opening ceremony.
  • ・What to do about the advertise style after openning. etc.

I think most people are suffering from such a situation, but it's ideal to grasp the whole schedule together with the store design image. Of course it's also requires management of the construction process. I think that you can make more effective by considering what is called "advertisement" as a main body among them.

Designed stores. That is also one big advertisement.

There is no reason not using such an ad-tower. We conduct process control and field management, and create better space with cooperating suppliers. Then consider the announcement style throughout and plant the brand color. A unified design sense creates cooperation between analog and digital.
For example...

  • ・Find a reliable advisor.
  • ・He/she has various methods and offers various ideas.
  • ・By telling your image, they can change it into a visible shape.

Even if we can do such things, we can say one thing is "we can't design without knowing building materials".
This is what I have learned from my experience and achievements, and it is also our strength.