IT Consulting・Homepage production・Advertising design


To improve the level of planning and designing skills.

Simple poster and website creation, shop decoration method and software technology improvement.
We will teach our know-how.

Recently, more and more enterprises are working on their own production such as homepages and leaflets.
However, there are troublesome problems such as "production skill" and "design power".

  • ・There is no leader who teaches design.
  • ・How can we manage website within the company.
  • ・There are many powerful shops, It's a hard act to follow.
  • ・Want to improve the level little by little.
  • ・There is no staff who can shape what I want to make.
  • ・Cannot afford to hire a professional staff in company.
  • ・Would like to have a planning office, but no experienced applicants applied.
  • ・Have an idea but don't know what to do.

In order to help the company and employees who are suffering from it, we lecture on basic technologies and know-how. Please do not hesitate to contact us for spot classes or regular classes.

※Lecture fee depends on time, contents, necessary expenses.
※Depending on the schedule, it may not be accepted.
 First of all, please inquire the desired date,period, requested items etc.