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iPhone appAndroid app

All things that involved in the iPhone/iPad application.

We are involved in all workflows related to iPhone, Android and other smartphones and iPad applications.
We will deliver the know-how that we cultivated from the creation of the new solution to the utmost.

Distribute applications to the world.

Especially releasing the iPhone / iPod touch application means it will be in line with the iTunes App Store in 65 countries all over the world.
iTunes is the world's largest online software store now with over 500 million users.

Not an app that can sell well, an application as PR.

Currently, the White House in the United States and other institutions such as the LDP in Japan have also released the iPhone / iPod touch application. A lot of tourist information of municipalities, corporate guidance, shop floor guidance, in-house product catalog, etc. are also released in Japan, and it is highly effective. A smartphone application as a "PR" brings out a dramatic image up and advertisement effect by linking with the WEB site.
We provide a more seamless and speedy service through consistent "one-stop workflow" of our own website and applications.

Make the most of your iPad.

iPad was the topic all over the world from before the launch. Not only for use as an e-book reader, also for pamphlet applications making full use of a wide screen, cash register for restaurants, sales promotion tools and sales functions with representatives applications as well. As a tool applications are infinite.
We are also good at producing 3-terminals applications such as iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

And adding Android application makes no blind spots.

Android terminal which is increasing share at a stretch. Of course we do plan and develop of Android application. And will convert applications that have developed for iPhone/iPad to Android compatible as well.