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Graphic Design

Design is freely

Impressions that you give to people.People learn from the color.
That representation will continue to change with time.

Graphic design is very extensive.

"Graphic design" means could be a graffiti(wall art), a large-format output, DM and web pages. As above, there are several types of "canvas" to express.
I only can say that the size of canvas and sense of distance to show are very important. So, you don't get any good idea with just sitting on a desk.
Show in which window, how much of cost-effectiveness you would receive, how much is the cost would be, and also want to know how much does that occupy among whole ads.
Working on design production with understanding those situations is very important.

Because it's very wide, the purpose should be narrowed down.

Adjust a model mainly.
Make a main character.
Finishing up with 3DCG mainly.
Express with handwritten illustration.
Grab the people's heart by catchphrase.
Pay attention to font(typeface) what you are using.
Enrich the seasons with image photos..

You can express freely but you should not forget your purpose of advertising.
Your design will plant that image in people's mind, and that impression continues.
So that there is color in the season, a traffic sign and signaler has their own colors as well. And human has their color also.
The effect that color gives is very important because the impression might change 180 degrees.
That model will give totally different impression by each person.
For that reason, you should carefully think about materials that you use.

How do you think a advertising leads to.

A graphic might be lead to many people and things, and make them do something as well. So you need to embody it and then advance.
Of course, deployment of throughout by half‐yearly and the year will take cost and time. However, that cost must be proportional to the effect.
If it use a lot of cost to make advertising product but just end up with a normal work of the designers, it's not a success.
It must on the premise that advertising product gives a good impression to people who see it instead of the designer.
And a result of that impression, how does it change? what action do you get. And after then, investigating and analyzing those result are also important.